Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Friend remembers Titilayo Arowolo, banker murdered by husband in 2011

Nigerians were woken to a rude shock on July 3, 2011 when a promising young banker, Titilayo Arowolo, was brutally murdered by her husband, Akolade Arowolo, in their home in the Isolo area of Lagos State.

The woman was reportedly stabbed several times by the jobless husband after a domestic misunderstanding. It has been five years now and while her family and friends still mourn her demise, it is not yet known what has become of the man who snuffed life out of her and rendered her young child motherless.
But a close friend of the deceased, Shola Betty Adex, a Nigerian-born American Soldier, remembers her with fond memories.

This is what Adex, founder of No More Pain Initiative, an ardent advocate against domestic violence, wrote as a tribute to Titilayo:
"Titilayo, you are still on my mind and I often wonder what if I knew you prior to July 3rd, 2011?
Today, July 3rd clocks 5 years since you lost your PRECIOUS life to the man that claimed he love and cherish you. You will always be in my heart.
Titilayo, when I heard the news and saw never released pictures of the incident (sent to me after speaking with your dad and cousin), I cried for days.
Few days after your death, I wiped my tears and promised to continue to fight the global epidemic called Domestic Violence till I take my last breathe on earth.
To anyone going through domestic violence, please reach out to someone. Your life is precious. No relationship or marriage filled with one or all types of abuse is worth it."

"Don't think about 'what will people say when I leave him/her?' PEOPLE WILL TALK ANYWAY! They will be quick to say 'Why didn't she leave?'

Please seek help! There is always a way out of every situation if not many ways. Start living a healthy life. TRUE LOVE SHOULDN'T HURT!"

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