Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Now, considering the fact that there can be so many factors that make usopt for the very magnanimous option of studying abroad, or better still, taking online courses that might probably not  even get approved.

Today, my audience will actually go out to Africans, and nigeria in particular. Apart from the fact that most of our schools are kindof substandard and facilities in there are a no go area, the hostels are really dingy and preoccupied.

But all the same, Schools arent really that bad here…

Now one thing that disturbs most of us as candidates, is actually the mode of entering the university, yes, you heard me right, the mode.

So many nigerians, both home and abroad are actually familiar with this keyword…JAMB…lol, the worlds famous JAMB.

JAMB, is an educational body, that governs the mode of entry into the university in nigeria. They are in charge of exams and admissions…

In literal words, you would say JAMB actually designs our destiny…. Yes

They make the rules, and decides who goes in or who doesn’t


As a business man, who never had the opportunity to attend the four walls of a university, and probably you have earned some cool amount of money, and well, you pretty much wouldn’t allow education to rule your booming business, lol

Apply for online courses from prestigous schools around the world, where you can learn from the comfort of your home, watch online videos, and take live webcam videos of classes

There are so many foreign  schools that provide this feature, and they are really cheap if you would ask me.

Now, coming to the problem of accreditation, the government actually approves the  certificates of so many high world class educ ational institutions that provides online courses for students

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