Wednesday, 14 December 2016

                                NNAMDI AZIKIWE UNIVERSITY AWKA
Today, being 14th of December 2016, Nnamdi Azikiwe University held  the orientation ceremony of new students as in fresher. The hall was filled to capacity, with thousands of students, well over 5000 students I guess… The occasion was attended by the honorable vice chancellor with due respect, the registrar, the bursar and so many others.. at the beginning of the occasion, the vice chancellor asked if any of us students were from awka, it took minutes before a young handsome guy took the bold step forward and he was appreciated enormously.
Everybody was happy, with gleaming expectant faces, without doubt that unizik wasn’t going to disappoint them. After sometime the chief security officer walked in, and he wasn’t really greeted quite warmly. Oh! I forgot to mention that we were forced to learn the unizik anthem, which was quite dumb, as the song was a bit boring… kidding…  lol, the song was quite interesting and easy to learn.
The music department led us into the song, with great beautiful voices, and then a fresher was called to continue, alas! We were shocked as it wasn’t quite as we expected as she almost killed us, lol.
The vice chancellor also addressed us, talked about a few things, warned us about the admission process and told us to report ourselves if we paid money to be admitted.. who does that­­…  well, he made some other boring points, and people clapped without reason, admist making funny animal noises
The funny thing is, the time for the occasion was set at 10am, but it was actually started by 1pm, imagine! We even had to wait uncomfortably under the heat before the power was put on, as we do not have constant electricity in Nigeria. Which is quite a disadvantage as students.
We had working fans quite alright, but we were still very uncomfortable as we were very many, and the school was lacking an airconditioner.
Lest I forget, incase you are itching to learn the unizik beautiful anthem, below is the anthem
Hail unizik
Pride of the state and our nation
Fountain of knowledge and of wisdom
Source of our hope and confidence
Where wisdom through education we gain
With reverence, we honour you

Our unizik our unizik
Here we learn
Discipline, self reliance and excellence
Great unizik
We do hail you
We do hail you

Hail unizik

Seat of science and centre for arts
Where knowledge in abundance flows
Your name and virtue with pride we upload
For through this varsity, our intellect blossoms
With reverence, we honour you
The vice chancellor also talked about malpractices,suspension, rustication… and the conscequences of our actions, he also talked about attendance, and that we must attend lectures for like 75%, before being able to write the examination,  also advised us to always attend lectures and be serious in our studies.
He talked about cultism, and warned us to keep our eyes open before joining any association and group, and that all secret cults have being banned in all universities in Nigeria and that students should desist from cultism.
He also talked about the upgraded computer systems and server, which I quite doubt, as we still have problems and complications till now….
Not quite long, everything became boring, as we were starving, and obviously uncomfortable, and for real, we were venting at the vice chancellor…in our minds… for not doing his job and here he was, promising us heaven and earth.

He also talked about a special book called General academic regulation, which is free and said it was going to be our guide and like a school bible to ensure we do the necessary things well.

I have to remind you that the orientation is a three day occassion and will take place tomorrow too being 15th of december 2016 and 16th of december 2016 on friday.

congrats on your admission anyway, bye.

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