Thursday, 15 December 2016

                                NNAMDI AZIKIWE UNIVERSITY AWKA
                                                            DAY 2
Today, being the 15th of December 2016, we marked the second day of the orientation of new students. For those of you who missed the previous day event, yesterday was a blast, and we had mad fun, drinks and snacks were shared, and was attended by different important dignitaries of the school like the vice chancellor, the deputy vice chancellor, registrar, the bursar, and a few others. A forum was created whereby students threw questions at professors and different people in charge, a promise of solutions were provided to different problems, and we enjoyed ourselves in general. I hope you learnt the unizik anthem anyway, cos it might do you a lot of good, I dunno…
Today, I will be giving you a lot more, like pictures, videos and recording of live events, well, we were also promised that the event would hold earlier than yesterday, or rather, as scheduled.
Today was all about music music and music, which gave me quite a lot of time to type this. The music was sweet sha, lol… really enjoyable, and was led once again by students of the music department. We were made to sing the unizik anthem once again. You need to hear the voices, I mean, they could literally make your eardrums blowup…just kidding… we were actually filled to capacity today, infact, we were much more than yesterday.
Actually, some other important discussions were actually talked about today, like the diferrent degrees .. first class, second class and third class, described the three of them, well and advised us to read as usual.
We were also engaged In an activity, which reminded us that each and every one of us were unique individuals and different from each other.
The national anthem was later taken, and the unizik anthem officially, the registrar for hostel took the opening prayer.. there was breaking and sharing of kolanut.
They also spoke about the zero tolerance for negativity, malpractice, and other examination misconduct
We were also reassured that lectures would not go on during the orientation ceremony, and any lecturer giving lectures to students, would be sanctioned.

So, for all scaredy cats and doubting thomases, above is your proof.

 here are a few pictures from the event

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