Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Nnamdi azikiwe admission list, update and guidelines

No, i know it has been quite a hard time for you guys, having to go through a lot of emotional trauma, just knowing you were not gonna make it into the university this session. Most of you guys has good results and passed, while the rest, well... just didnt reach the desired marks. Now, i know how its like, because ive been through this, alot of times, and when i say a lot of times, i mean the number of years i have stayed home as an aspirant waiting for an admission into not just unizik, but to any other prestigious federal university in the country. Being in this position is very uncomfortable, less relaxing and you develop a restless habit... life becomes quite unpleasant and everything becomes gay and boring.

Now, for those who passed all cutoff marks quite alright,, i am proud to announce to you that there is still hope as the supplementary list would be coming out very soon, yes, very very soon. An this unlike so many other  news like this is not false as it was announced by the deputy registrar at the orientation ceremony of the new students.

For those who werent able to reach or strike the cutoff marks, i say you have a very slight chance or no chance at all of gaining admission at unizik this session, as they would consider those who passed first.

Back to those who would be in the supplementary list... i am about to give the instructions and directions on what to do immediately you find your name on the supplementary list.

1 Visit any cyber cafe in or outside the s chool premises, and print your admission status from unizik portal... i would strongly advise you do this inside the school

2  Then proceed to the elibrary, where you will have to generate a remmita for the payment of acceptance fee, which is 24000naira, there you will also generate another remmita for ict service charge,

3 Proceed thereafter to the bank and pay, please note that the bank will collect a service charge of 700naira.. collect your print outs from the bank, and return to the elibrary for confirmation of payments and your eclearance.

4 After these, you will be given information on how to go about with the biometrics and physical clearance.

Classes have begun, assignments are given regularly, and attendance is always taken every single day.
If you reall want to keep up with your fellow year one, make sure you stay tuned, suscribe to our emails, and make sure you alays come back

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